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Tabbouleh Stuffed Tomatoes [Low fat raw vegan recipes]

raw food recipes: Tabouleh

  This recipe is wonderful during any time of the year. If you do not like parsley, you may substitute with your favorite herb or finely chopped baby spinach. You will have a lot of tomato cores left over, don’t waste them! You can make all sorts of soups and dips out of it, such […]

Fettuccine-Style Noodles [Low fat raw vegan recipes]

Low fat raw vegan cucumber noodles recipe

Raw foodests often talk about raw vegan spaghetti recipes that are made with zucchini. But what if you don’t like zucchini or squash? I know I don’t! Last time I ate a lot of squash, I got violently sick. So now I only use raw cucumber noodles. They taste much better in my opinion.  This […]

Guacamole Recipe [Raw Taco Night]

guacamole raw vegan recipes

Guacamole is one of the most popular and well known raw recipes.  It goes great with raw tacos, using it as a dip. eating it with raw crackers, or even as a thick, creamy salad dressing!  Enjoy! Makes 6 servings. 3 Avocados 3 Roma Tomatoes, deseeded and chopped 3 tbs chopped cilantro, chopped 3 green […]

Raw Mango Tomato Salsa Recipe [Raw Taco Night]

low fat raw vegan mango salsa recipe

Mango tomato salsa is my all time favorite go-to recipe for dinner. Mangoes and tomatoes pair beautifully together. The sweetness of the mango, and savory-ness of the tomato, complement each other wonderfully in this raw salsa. This recipe is so easy to throw together in a couple minutes.  This raw vegan recipe works fantastic with […]

Raw Vegan Corn Tortillas Recipe (Taco Night)

Raw vegan taco shell recipe

Taco Shells! [Low fat raw Vegan Recipes/ Mexican food] These authentic tasting tortillas pair very well with guacamole, salsa, coconut sour cream and ground mushroom “meat” You will need a blender and a dehydrator to make these. The less time your taco shells are drying, the more flexible the will be. Over-dry them, and they’ll become hard […]

“Peanut” Butter and Jelly Banana Wraps [Raw Vegan Recipes]

Raw Peanut butter and jelly sandwich wraps recipe

 Raw Almond butter Wraps, yummy! These low fat raw vegan Peanut butter and jelly sandwich wraps are made with banana wraps, raw almond butter and raw grape jam. These healthy wraps are the perfect raw food for hiking, or any sort of long road trip. I took a whole batch of these when I climbed mount […]