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What if Animals Had a Voice? A Vegan Short Story

WARNING: This story gets a little intense, but it is an amazing read. I highly recommend you check it out. I wrote it for my English comp class.

Forty woman occupy a concrete room inside a concrete building, with concrete floors, no windows, only rows of industrialized rod-shaped lights for brightness. These woman have recently given birth within the past two years. Another beautiful baby girl has been born into this world. The baby girls mother, Lola, she cleaned up the birth mess before turns to nuzzle her head against the wonderful gift of life. Doing so, her senses are pleasantly filled with the sent of her new born child. Her heart is filled with happiness as she gazes into her eyes. She is the only thing thing that her mother has to be happy about.

“You will not be like the rest, my dear. I will protect you and let no harm come to you. I would give up my life to you,” her young mother said softly with a tear dripping down the side of her cheek, trying to stay strong. “I’ll name you hope, for hope of a better life.”

She laid a kiss upon her daughters forehead. She guided her tired young to her tattered breast, covered in bruises, and old, infected scabs, to allow her a drink from her blood incrusted teat.

“This isn’t life, Hope. Soon we will escape out of this hell. When I close my eyes, I hope to wake up realizing this was all a nightmare. Then, finding it is only reality. Grievous, heart-wrenching reality.”

Three days passed of the horrendous conditions before the two-legged beast arrived and snatched the mothers darling angel away, throwing her into a large wheeled-bin filled with five other few-day-old babies.

Her lungs filled with anger as she screeched out, “My baby!”

The beast forced out the words, “Shut up, you dumb bitch.” He took a hot steal rod and burned her skin. She screamed in agony as her body flailed in pain.

He scoffed, “I don’t even know why you try anymore, you’ll be dead soon anyways.”

She cried, striking the metal bars profusely with all her might to get out of her metal jail until she broke down sobbing. For days, a hopeless cry echoed through the bleak building from Lola. Harrowing cries for help could be heard from a distance by other broken souls that occupy the death-scented vicinity.

The man in white took her to the rest of the woman and placed the teat cups onto her bruised and scab-covered breasts to do what he enslaved her to do, produce milk at an unnatural rate. The machine pumped up and down for hours in a inclosed area so small, she couldn’t even turn around.

A year passed as Lola continued to be tortured and used. Her body growing very sickly as she barely had the vigor to stand. A tumor had formed in her breast which made it unbearably painful to be milked.

The man in white arrived to the room that kept the woman and Lola locked in it. His soulless eyes took a good look at Lola as her body coursed with fear. “Well sheet, look at chu. Looks like yer all used up aren’t chu.? Looks like some of yer friends are ready, too. Go on, get up, you dumb shet.” He pulled open the jail door and grabbed her by the piece of fabric around her neck, forcefully pulling her out and up to her feet. He took a whip and harshly whacked it against her thigh, bruising the area to get her moving. She jumped and forced herself to take any strength left to walk. He lead her down the hall of death. Hope looked up at her mother with extreme sadness and anger, knowing what’s coming, she couldn’t bare it. Lola was so hopeless at this point, she dragged her body along with his orders. She’s seen hundreds of woman she’s known head off to the death walk and never come back.

The man in white placed Lola in constraints. He sharpened his knife back and forth. He dove the knife into her fleshy soft neck and pulled across quickly, sending buckets of blood to gush out of her carotid artery and pool on the floor. Her body flailed about and she sent out the most gut wrenching scream one could ever hear as pain coursed her every being. He hooked a cord up to her leg to dangle her corpse up in the air. While she was suspended in mid-air, he cut her skin away from her flesh and dragged the knife down her stomach, pulling out the guts. He sent her on a line with other corpses to have machines cut and chop, and package their flesh for consumption.

The young daughter knew all too well her mothers screams. “I won’t let them take you mommy, I won’t. I can’t. We have to stop this!” The young girl cried out in mourning of her mother. “You wanted to protect me, but no one could protect you.” Her eyes bloodshot with extreme sorrow.

One of the elders spoke out to all the woman, “Next week this will end. We must all work together for my plan to work. Hope, I know where they’ll be taking your mother, to a local diner.”

The next week the man in white walked down the isle for standard protocol, taping a whip against his hand.“Time to get your fat asses to slaughter.” A few of the females nodded heads at each other to signal. He guided a few of them in a row and before he knew it, he was being completely mauled. Two of the others went to take off the shackles of the suppressed souls. They heard other workers coming. “Run for it.” One exclaimed as they all ran quickly for the door that was left open to the outside world.

Meanwhile in town, two young adults were sitting inside a restaurant.

“Oh man, don’t you just love a good, juicy, steak? This is local too. The waitress told me.” said one of the men, biting into the cooked flesh. “It goes really good with some cold milk too,” said the man with a large mouthful before he took a swig out of the tall glass.

“Well, I know I love me some good burgers.” Said the woman, taking a disgustingly large mouthful of the food.

Suddenly, the restaurant doors swung open, smashing against the walls. A group of thirty females followed behind Hope as she saw the meat.

“You’re eating my mother.” Hope cried out.

The couple looked at their plates worryingly and looked at their beaten up bodies. “What are you talking about?”

Hope proceeded to tell the painful story and true conditions of how they are kept. Tears flooded the customers eyes as their eyes were open to a hidden horror. The man who was eating the steak pushed it off the table onto ground with raging sadness. “I’m sorry, we had no idea. I have never questioned what I was eating, or how it got to my plate.”

He went over to attempt to wrap his arms around her in a reassuring hug. Hope looked at him with fear in her eyes, and quickly jumped back. “Don’t touch me,” she exclaimed.

He gently walked closer to her and went down to her level. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you like those horrible people did, you can trust me.” He lightly rubbed her on the shoulder as Hopes eyes teared up, feeling the loving touch of someone for the first time in her life, which reminded her most of her mother.

“We can’t let this happen anymore, something has to stop. We have to free the rest of the caged souls and tell everyone of this dreadful practice. I’m never eating this food again. But first, we need to get you all cared for. You all are in critical condition.”

The females herded off to be taken care of by the wonderful couple and their children, nursed back to heath and given the love that they’ve never been able to experience before. They saw the bright blue sky, and the feeling of grass between their toes. An unfamiliar but amazing experience for every sense in their bodies to take in.

They went to go talk around the United States, in news casts, interviews and their message was spreading like wildfire.

Slaughterhouses were shutting down left and right as their message became larger. Demand for the rotting flesh was at an all time low. The beings once occupying the death chambers were now living with caring families and volunteers who nursed them back to health. Stores were now stocking up with many more meat, cheese and egg alternatives. As well as more varieties of fresh fruits, grains, legumes and vegetables. Rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes were also on the rapid decline.

“I thought I would never be loved, or feel a loving physical contact. Many of us have never seen the sun rise, or would have thought to see the sun set. We were lead to murder, being prodded and abused without any medical care. As they cut my mothers skin, I wondered who would care. Her screams were unheard, but pierced my ears. Was there anyone out there that would understand our despair? People don’t see behind close doors, they don’t understand what we go through for the meat you do not need. People try to disconnect from their food, not wanting to hear the horror, as they blindly eat again. So we spread this message to you, finally having our voice be heard for the first time ever. Please think about our experience, and all our loved ones brutal experience in the industrialized dairy industry, egg industry, and slaughterhouses before you take a bite of that flesh. This is our voice, the animals voice.”

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  1. Jonathan Edward Jonathan Edward
    September 22, 2016    

    Great short story
    dropped a couple of tears reading it, I’ll try to share it as much as I can.
    I write and make videos that promote vegan life-style. In French and Spanish. Email me if you want links.
    keep writing

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