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Why I created this website – My first blog

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Hey guys and gals! My names Heather B and as of writing this I’m 18 years old. I’ve been following the 80/10/10 (High fruit) diet since March 2011, with very few slip ups.

Welcome to TheRawBuzz! The low-fat raw vegan blog
This is my first ever blog post on my first ever website! Woohoo! How exciting! It was a learning curve to get it up and running, lots of frustrations, there’s so many processes I had no idea about. But finally here it is!

Whats your reason for creating this blog?
My reason for creating this blog is the drive of wanting to reach a wider audience than what is physically possible in “the real world”. I wasn’t reaching a large enough audience to my standards, even when I was giving it my all. I started up my own raw vegan meetup group/potluck, (which I’ll talk about in another blog post) and that was a huge success. 15 people showed up on the first meeting and I gave a uncooking demo. I met some very nice people there and talked with everyone about low-fat raw veganism.  Which was very fun but I felt like I could do better.  So my research on building a website went full force. And this site was built!

What do I envision for my blog?

I want to post informative scientific information about health, trying my best to post citations of where I found that information. To help others get happy, healthy and become a better person for themselves, this world and for the people around them. I’ll post incredibly simple, easy low-fat raw vegan recipes that will tantalize the taste buds, while making your tummy happy too. As well as my daily musings. I’m going to try to post a blog a day. To sum it all up, I just want each blog post to be filled with quality content for my readers and I will try my hardest to make that true.

Why did you name it The Raw Buzz?
Buzz as in what people are talking about, it’s exciting, interesting and fresh.
Buzz can also mean a burst of energy.
And raw of course… because the focus is raw veganism. 😉

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