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Soft Serve Raw Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Low fat raw vegan ice cream recipe

This low fat raw vegan vanilla ice cream recipe is made with ripe frozen bananas blended in a food processor with added  vanilla powder.

Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream!
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Vanilla Ice cream during the winter?! Heck yes! During the summer? Anytime! This ice cream is absolutely amazing for any day of the year. Everyone I’ve given it to loves it and they’re genuinely shocked that it’s made from just frozen bananas. It’s just bananas, so it’s low fat raw vegan. Yummy yummy!

The Raw Buzz is more than over due for a dessert recipe. I know you guys are going through dessert withdrawal already. 😉

In order for this recipe to work, the bananas have to be VERY ripe, with lots of cheetah spots. Just peel the bananas and place them in a zip lock plastic bag, then throw them in the freezer for 24 hours.

The ground vanilla beans make the recipe AMAZING, do not substitute liquid vanilla, as it has alcohol in it. Chopped dates, once in contact with the banana ice cream will freeze and have a chewy, caramel texture. Use as many frozen bananas as you think you, or whomever you’re serving, can eat.

The raw ice cream can be eating right out of the blender, not second freezing process is required. Unless of course it’s like 100 degrees outside and it melts a lot. If you’re using fresh vanilla bean, just scrape the inside out and place it inside.

You will need:

Frozen bananas

Ground Vanilla Beans

Chopped dates


There are different ways to make this raw vegan recipe, depending on what machine you have available:

 Food Processor: Chop the banana into small pieces and blend until smooth and creamy. This is the best method to use.

Vitamix: Surprisingly, blenders aren’t as good as a food processor when it comes to making banana ice cream. Chop the banana into small pieces and blend on medium speed (5 for vita-mix) until smooth and creamy. You will have to use the tamper

Champion Juicer:I’ve never used this method before, but from what I’ve read and seen, it creates beautiful results. Place the whole banana in the top and it’ll come out smooth & creamy.


Roughly 100 calories per banana 3% fat 93% carbs 4% protien.

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