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Amazing Raw Fig Newton Bar Recipe

raw fig bar

Finished fig bars

Low Fat Raw Vegan Raw Fig Newton Bar Recipe

I was looking around on the Internet for a low fat raw vegan fig newton recipe, but all of them are chock full of fat and oats! (Which can be very damaging to the digestive tract). This low fat raw vegan fig-newton recipe only has 2 ingredients! Plus, there is no need for a dehydrator in this recipe, it’s done in minutes. It is very fast and fuss free, plus it’s LOW-FAT raw vegan. This is my new favorite recipe! IT IS TO DIE FOR. You have to try it. You can find dried figs at most grocery stores. :)

So Here is the super simple, fast easy and INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS low fat raw vegan recipe. It’s my FAVORITE (Probably because I was a die-hard Fig Newton fan as a child. :)

Ingredients for the filling and crust:

  • 21 raw dried figs
  • 1/4 cup raw almonds


Raw vegan fig newton filling

Processing the fig newton filling

Directions for the filling and crust:

  1. Place the figs in the food processor  and blend for a few minutes, until it forms a smooth paste.
  2. In a coffee grinderor blender, grind the the sunflower seeds, this will be your crust.
  3. Forum the fig paste into a big fig newton shape (This will be cut later)
  4. Sprinkle the crust onto your bar, making sure to get each side coated well.
  5. Cut the bar into 3/4 of an inch pieces.
  6. Enjoy!!! :) If you’re planning on sharing this, be warned, you won’t want to share with anyone after you taste this!! :)

Nutrient breakdown per recipe:

| 643 Calories | 13g Protein (7%) | 119g Carbohydrates (67%) | 19g Fat (25%) |

Favorite Food Processor: Black & Decker

I’ve had this Food Processor  for 1 year now and it still works perfectly, I highly recommend it!  Plus it’s really inexpensive. I have a vitamix too, but this really comes in handy for sticky or really dense foods. It’s able to continue blending from the way the blades are set up. It comes with a shredding blade, an s-blade and a slicing blade. I used the S-blade in this low fat raw vegan recipe. :)

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  1. Raw Girl Raw Girl
    April 5, 2012    

    Great Yummies! :-0

  2. kristin kristin
    April 5, 2012    

    ok.. so where can I find both of these raw? I was looking recently for this recipe too.. How cool. And no dehydrator.. awesome!

    • April 5, 2012    

      Hi Kristin! :)
      That’s hilarious how you were looking for this recipe and then I posted it. I think I have mind-reading powers.

      A lot of dried figs come from poor countries, and they use the sun to dry their product because it’s the cheapest way to do so. Most of them are raw, from what I’ve heard. I got mine at Market Basket.

      As for the sunflower seeds, my friend bought me them on Amazon. You can check there if you want :)

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