Raw Vegan Sushi with Raw Celeriac Rice [5 Minute raw recipes]

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sushi made with raw celery rice

fast and easy raw sushi

 Raw Vegan Sushi Recipe


This raw vegan sushi rice substitute looks almost identical to real rice! It has a great mouth feel, and it tastes very delicious. The “high” organic sodium content of the rice, makes it taste nice and flavorful. This is a great crowd pleasure. Use it as an appetizer for get togethers and parties, or just have a few rolls to accompany a raw dinner. Be sure to get enough calories, though! As this recipe is low in calories.

Raw Rice subsitute

Celery Root Rice

Rice Ingredients:

  1. 1 pound celery root


  1. Cut the skin off of the celery root and cut it into small chunks. Put it into the Food processorand blend until it has a rice consistency. Super easy, simple  and quick! :)

Nutrition facts for the rice:

190 Calories | 9g Protein | 40g Carbs | 1.5g Fat | 453mg Sodium

Fillings Ideas:

  • Fruit sushi;  Strawberries, kiwi, mango, papaya,
  • Veggies: Celery, cucumber, red pepper, avocado,  Green onion


raw vegetable crudite

Raw Veggie sticks

Rolling the sushi:

  1. Place the nori wrap with the “ribs” facing vertical
  2. Place the “rice” horizontal close to you with an inch left to roll it.
  3. Add in a few veggies or fruit sticks. MAKE SURE TO NOT OVER FILL!! Very common mistake that ends in a mess.
  4. Roll the sushi pressing down hard on the sides and folding the bottom in.
  5. When you get to the last bit of the roll, dab it with water to close it shut.
  6. Use a very sharp knife to cut it into bite sized pieces

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2 Comments » for Raw Vegan Sushi with Raw Celeriac Rice [5 Minute raw recipes]
  1. :) says:

    This is SO GOOD! The celery root has the same texture as rice!

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