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Best Raw Blueberry Pie Recipe (Low fat raw vegan)

Raw blueberry pie recipe

Low fat raw vegan blueberry pie recipe Good lord this raw recipe is to die for. I ate the whole thing in one sitting, which is a new record for me! I’m going to be putting out a few recipes here and there while I’m working on my Holiday recipe eBook. I got two pounds […]

Best Low Fat Raw Lasagna Recipe

Raw Vegan Lasagna Recipe

 Raw Vegan Lasagna (Low fat raw vegan) Prep Time: 40 Minutes Servings: 6 I’ve never heard of a raw vegan lasagna that doesn’t have excessive amounts of fat, typically from nuts, as their base for a ricotta “cheese”. So I decided to experiment using corn as a base… and it was a huge success!! Wow does this recipe […]