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Crispy Raw Vegan Vegetable Pakora Recipe

Raw vegan pakora recipe

Low Fat Raw Vegan Vegetable Pakora Recipe No Indian meal is complete without some sort of appetizer. What better to fill that then raw vegan pakoras? Nothing really! Cooked Indian pakoras are deep fried vegetable chickpea balls, not too healthy. These raw vegan pakoras are crispy and crunchy on the outside and sink-your-teeth-into soft on the […]

Raw Vegan Corn Tortillas Recipe (Taco Night)

Raw vegan taco shell recipe

Taco Shells! [Low fat raw Vegan Recipes/ Mexican food] These authentic tasting tortillas pair very well with guacamole, salsa, coconut sour cream and ground mushroom “meat” You will need a blender and a dehydrator to make these. The less time your taco shells are drying, the more flexible the will be. Over-dry them, and they’ll become hard […]

Creamy “Roasted” Red Pepper Hummus [Low fat raw vegan Recipe]

Raw vegan hummus recipe

[ Low fat raw vegan hummus recipe ] This creamy, satisfying and filling low fat raw dip recipe is a sure crowd pleader. The dehydrated bell pepper gives it a rich smokey flavor. Use this beautiful raw hummus recipe to dip vegetables into, or you can use it as a spread for raw iceberg lettuce […]

Best Low Fat Raw Lasagna Recipe

Raw Vegan Lasagna Recipe

 Raw Vegan Lasagna (Low fat raw vegan) Prep Time: 40 Minutes Servings: 6 I’ve never heard of a raw vegan lasagna that doesn’t have excessive amounts of fat, typically from nuts, as their base for a ricotta “cheese”. So I decided to experiment using corn as a base… and it was a huge success!! Wow does this recipe […]