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Hummus Sandwich Wraps [Low fat raw vegan recipes]

Raw vegan hummus wrap recipe

Hummus Wraps [Low fat raw vegan recipes] My all time favorite savory recipe when I was a vegetarian were hummus wraps. I would try and stuff it as full as physically possible without the bread ripping. Drown it in hummus, pack on tomatoes, cucumbers, baby spinach, celery. This low fat raw vegan recipe I have […]

Creamy “Roasted” Red Pepper Hummus [Low fat raw vegan Recipe]

Raw vegan hummus recipe

[ Low fat raw vegan hummus recipe ] This creamy, satisfying and filling low fat raw dip recipe is a sure crowd pleader. The dehydrated bell pepper gives it a rich smokey flavor. Use this beautiful raw hummus recipe to dip vegetables into, or you can use it as a spread for raw iceberg lettuce […]