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Fettuccine-Style Noodles [Low fat raw vegan recipes]

Low fat raw vegan cucumber noodles recipe

Raw foodests often talk about raw vegan spaghetti recipes that are made with zucchini. But what if you don’t like zucchini or squash? I know I don’t! Last time I ate a lot of squash, I got violently sick. So now I only use raw cucumber noodles. They taste much better in my opinion.¬† This […]

Delicious & Satisfying Sweet and Savory Salad [Earth-day Recipe!]

Vegan Salad Recipe

I’m raving about this salad! I made ¬†this recipe last night and gobbled it up. Then I made it again this morning and had it for breakfast. Yes, I loved it that much I ate it for breakfast! Who would have thought about eating a salad for breakfast? Not me…. until I made this! It’s […]