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How to Stay Raw While Traveling? Tips and Tricks


How to stay Low-Fat Raw Vegan while Traveling

Staying low-fat raw vegan. Buying bananas,  and guava from an Indian Fruit stand

Traveling Raw – Tips and Tricks

You want to stay raw because it’ll make your trip more enjoyable! Who wants to feel terrible because they ate something they shouldn’t or haven’t eaten enough. These tips can be applied to any length of time, for any destination. Obviously the tropics will require less planning than say, Denmark. I’ve done a decent amount traveling since being raw and I’ve learned a lot about it. So I thought I’d share with you today. 

Plan Ahead

Although all grocery stores have fruit, make sure you figure out the best places to buy your fruit. Inexpensive and good quality, no one wants to eat  under-ripe bad quality fruit. Google is your best friend too. Talk to the locals, they’ll have a lot of information about places to find fruit. Look up places to get fruit, farms, wholesalers, farmers markets, large stores (Like wholefoods) Tiny family run stores, smoothie places, ect. 


What to bring on your trip to make your life easier:

  • An extra duffel bag/backpack – The most important thing to get is a food bag to hold a day or two of food. I like this one because it has a nice sturdy bottom and handle, it holds a good amount too. I stick this bag in the car or I’ll take it into restaurants.
    And in the bag it’s a good idea to have one or two large plastic containers, these will keep your fruits from squishing. It has come incredibly handy when traveling with fruits that are squishy
  • Zip lock Bags – They’re nice to have for when you want to pre prep fruit for the day.
  • A plastic roll up cutting board
  • A knife/spoon/fork set
  • A vegetable peeler
  • One or two extra containers for cut up fruit or salads
  • Napkins – Fruits are messy 😉
  • 1 Liter water bottle – Staying hydrated is VERY important.

Bring dried fruit

I normally don’t recommend it, but for traveling it’s a life saver. Good high calorie compact snack. You can dehydrate it yourself or get some in the supermarket. BE SURE TO SOAK IT BEFORE YOU EAT IT. Other wise you’ll get dehydrated quite quickly. This will save your butt if you’re uncertain of the fruit situation, or you’re traveling for a long time, or you ever run out of fruit or can’t find any ripe fruit. I’ve do this ALL the time when I travel.

For the plane ride

I like to eat before I go and I’ll bring extra fruit for the plane ride/day when I arrive.

Raw food that travels well for snacks and meals:

  • Dates/dried fruit – A travel staple of mine. I wouldn’t have been able to stay raw without dates. If I’m going on a week vacation, I’ll bring a nice large container of them for times when I don’t have access to other fruits. Kinda like a back up plan. 
  • Oranges, tangerines, clementines – Oranges are great for travel! I went on a 15 hour plane ride from india to the USA and they didn’t allow me to bring bottled water because of the 3oz liquid policy, so water was limited. But I brought oranges which is like bringing bottled water onto the plane because they’re so juicy. They helped keep me hydrated. Plus they hold up well to abuse and don’t bruise easy.
  • Bananas (If you pack them properly) 
  • Apples/Pears, if you like them (I personally don’t)
  • Grapes
  • Nuts & Trail mix
  • Raw vegan snack bars
  • Coconut water
  • Celery (Great organic sodium source)
  • Sugar Snap peas
  • Green juice powder – SUPER IMPORTANT when traveling to add to juices to get your minerals in

Traveling as a raw vegan stories – 

IN FLORIDA – Traveling and staying raw definitely has it’s difficulties. I dove in headfirst last week when I went down to Florida, stayed in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando with my family. I brought some dates and a salad for the airplane trip down to Florida. The amount of good quality, locally grown fresh fruit was a lot smaller than i thought it would be in the areas I was staying. I mostly lived off of dates I purchased at wholefoods and they tasted like they were cooked, but I hope they weren’t. I also found some conventional spotty bananas for 0.10$ a pound. (They do not travel well LOL!) I went to Marando farms to scope out some local produce (But unfortunately it was the day they were sold out on most food) and got some raw macadamia nuts (Which aren’t dry enough to eat yet, I can’t wait till they are!), and a couple other small treats, like a large, very juicy avocado that has less fat than Hass, A mango nectarine (It was delicious), Medjool dates, some lettuce and more. I wish we had enough time to go to some local farmers markets, but whenever they were going on.. we were busy and didn’t have enough time to go.

CRUISE SHIP – Boarding the cruise ship I brought pounds of dates, a few bananas (Which don’t travel well at all.. unless in a box. I found that out the hard way) and some oranges. The cruise had freshly cut cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and pineapple for the breakfast buffet, which were super sweet. I’d eat some melons then dates for more calories. Then lunch I would just have some dates. Dinner time was great, the cruise restaurant we went to was called Rio’s (everything’s included in the cruise cost, so there’s no extra cost for “extra” food) and our waiter was so accommodating, he gave me 5 large salads with a smile on his face. They were good ones too, spring green mix, baby spinach, ice burg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber.

AT THE GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND – I got off the cruise ship with my dates ( I Was happy they let me bring food off the cruise ship) we hung at the beach then went to the market place, i found this one stand selling fresh smoothies served inside a locally grown coconut, I got mango with coconut water, it was expensive (7 bucks). Then i found another place  that sells fresh smoothies, I got a small mango smoothie :)

Getting off the cruise was interesting, I was waiting in line to be checked, and this one guy told us we cannot bring produce back into america, so my family and I were standing there, gorging ourselves on the leftover food we had, 5 pounds of dates, a head of lettuce, 6 oranges, 3 mango nectarines, 1 full large avocado, and more. Then we got to customs, and said “I have a full bag of produce to throw away” But she said “You can keep it, since you’re being honest and it’s for personal consumption” Happiest day of my life LOL! :))

Have fun!

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